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A short message from Pinnacle Physiotherapist:

‘Preventing Pain and Injury’

As discussed at the Staff Development Conference on the 29th March 2021, Georgie provides you some simple strategies you can implement throughout your workday.

‘Elbow, Forearm and Thumb’

In this short video, Russell talks about the ‘Elbow, Forearm and Thumb” and provides some simple strategies for you to implement throughout your workday.

‘Short Sharp Shiny’

In this short video, Russell will take you through 4 ‘Short Sharp Shiny’ stretches focusing on your neck, lower back and forearms.

‘3 tips for a strong and well functioning shoulder’

In this short video, Russell will take you through 3 aspects of keeping our shoulders strong, mobile and functioning well. By looking at optimal positioning, stretching and strengthening, you can add a few simple ideas into every day to assist in keeping your shoulders in optimal health.

‘Stretches for the workplace’

This module provides guidance on how to reduce the risk of injury by performing stretches and exercises throughout the day. Stretches for the neck, shoulders, forearms and hands, legs and lower back are covered, with guidance on general stretching rules, how long to hold the stretch and how frequently to perform them.

Remember that early reporting and management of injuries (or discomfort) leads to faster resolution and better long term outcomes.

Russell, Tom or Susan (the Pinnacle Physiotherapy team) can provide diagnosis, treatment and exercise programs to help manage injury and prevent recurrence.

Want to know more? Please let us know what topic you’d like Russell to cover for future potential video messages. Thanks!

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