Working from Home Support

Helping you to stay comfortable and healthy when working from home. 

Whether you work from home or in the office, the Department for Environment and Water takes your health, well-being and safety seriously.

Working from Home Ergonomic Training Package


Module 1: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) when working at home on your computer

This module covers information about MSDs relevant to working from home, along with strategies you can use to reduce your risk of injury. It includes the common areas of your body which can become injured, why back pain is so prevalent, spinal anatomy, how injuries can ‘creep’ up on us and ways that you can be proactive to reduce your risk of injury.

Module 2: Working from Home – Workstation Setup

This module takes a closer look at the guidelines you should use to set up your workstation in order to minimise your risk of injury. It includes how to set up your chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, document position and telephone, as well as covering some tips on changing your posture and performing stretches throughout the day.

Module 3: Stretches

This module provides guidance on how to reduce the risk of injury by performing stretches and exercises throughout the day. Stretches for the neck, shoulders, forearms and hands, legs and lower back are covered, with guidance on general stretching rules, how long to hold the stretch and how frequently to perform them.

Working from Home

Workstation Fact Sheet

Click here, for more tips for setting up your home workstation.



The Department for Environment and Water thanks you for your cooperation, understanding and flexibility during this challenging time. 

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