Our 'SUMMIT' online Job Dictionary and RTW resource kit is used by organisations Australia wide

It makes determining suitable duties objective and simple.

It keeps injured workers at work.

It reduces claim costs.

It ensures pre-employment physical testing is matched to job demands.

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Determining suitable duties for an injured worker can be difficult, and time consuming.

Our SUMMIT Job Dictionary and RTW resource kit makes the process easy, and objective.

How ‘SUMMIT’ can help your organisation

Access Job Dictionary Content, Photos and Videos Online via SUMMIT

No matter where you are located, or how many worksites you have, gain access to all the information you need online, via our password protected SUMMIT site.

Take a tablet to an injured worker’s Doctor appointment and show the Doctor short videos of tasks the worker CAN do.

Let Doctors and Health Professionals log in and access information as they require, to give them a thorough understanding of the work requirements within your organisation.

Identify suitable duties objectively

A Pinnacle Job Dictionary gives you highly detailed and objective force measurements and physical work demands which are recorded when we’re onsite assessing the job role in question. These objective measurements provide clarity when determining suitable duties for an injured worker.

If you’re interested though in streamlining the process of determining suitable duties, the integration of our Doctor’s Letter and Functional Matching Matrix Tools within your return to work system is worth considering.

Simply request the injured worker’s Doctor to complete our pre-generated ‘Doctor’s Letter’, and then input this information into your ‘Functional Matching Matrix’ program to tell you exactly what tasks the injured worker can and can’t do.

You’ll even know the components of the task that are limiting a worker from returning to their normal duties. This can help provide specific goals for treating Health Professionals and assist you in determining ways to modify tasks in order to keep an injured worker at work.

Additional benefits:


Job Specific Pre Employment Physical Demand Testing

Ensure job applicants have the physical capacity to undertake the physical requirements of the job for which they are applying.

Ensuring your pre-employment physical testing process is objective and consistent with job role demands will add strength and legitimacy to your pre-employment process.

Unlock management support for safety initiatives

Use the objective force measurements, photos and video footage to better educate management about significant workplace hazards in order to gain support for new safety initiatives.


Hazard Identification and Risk Management

Tasks that require high force, sustained or awkward postures or repetitive movements (based upon the Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice) are highlighted within the Job Dictionary to assist with the identification of manual task hazards and risk management practices.

Enhance Inductions

Utilise online videos for introducing applicants or new workers to the types of tasks, physical demands and environments that they will be required to work in, to help them be more prepared for the job, and more aware of the risks they may face.

It will help save time, money and keep your injured workers at work.

Our RTW resources kit can include:

Job Dictionaries

A document that breaks down a job role into separate tasks, and outlines the key physical demands required in each task.

(To develop a Job Dictionary, a Pinnacle Consultant will attend your site in order to observe the task, capture photographs and video footage, and measure the forces and physical demands required within the specific job role).

Doctor's Letters

A job specific, pre-generated letter, that is completed by the injured worker’s Doctor to help determine suitable duties.

Functional Matching Matrix (FMM)

Simply input the information from the completed Doctor’s Letter into the FMM and automatically determine what the injured worker can and can’t do.

User Training

We provide training to all users of our resources, to ensure maximum effectiveness in their use.


Customised solutions to meet your needs

At Pinnacle Workplace Consultants, we’re all about working with our clients to achieve the best outcome possible.

If you’re interested in a specific component of our Job Dictionary and RTW Resource Kit, simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss how we can adapt our services to suit your requirements.

What our clients say:

The SUMMIT return to work system has been a huge success for our business in having our injured workers return to work following a workplace injury.  Over the last couple of years we have seen a large reduction in claims costs resulting in premium reductions which is a great result. Many thanks to the team at Pinnacle for helping us achieve outstanding results.

Jenny Seal

People and WHS Manager, AP Eagers (Australian Based Automative Retail Group)

Since implementing the SUMMIT tool, we have been able to rapidly increase the pace at which we can return injured employees to work. The Doctor’s Letter and checklist is a great tool to enable the Doctor, the Employee, our Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinators and workplace Supervisors to have comfort that not only are duties suitable but the duties are formed based on medical opinion. This helps all parties to be united in the return to work activities. I highly recommend SUMMIT as a way to improve return to work outcomes.

Paul Amos

People Relations Manager, The Co-op, Heart of the Barossa (Australia's Leading Retail Co-operative, including Foodland, Mitre 10 and Betta Electrical)

Pinnacle Workplace Consultants have put together a one stop shop to bring together our job dictionary, doctor’s letter, photos and videos in one place!  For example, using a link provided by Pinnacle, for access by our EHS team, video footage of job tasks can be viewed by clients, doctors, rehabilitation providers and employees to understand the physical components of a specific role.  We can utilise this information for our pre-employment providers so they too can understand the physicality of the roles for which we seek candidates.  This information is supported by the job dictionary, which has more comprehensive information available.  Rehabilitation providers, and anyone else we choose, can be provided a link to the Summit program.  For rehabilitation purposes, the doctor’s letter, populates the components of the job dictionary and allows a series of tick boxes for the doctor as to the worker’s capability.  This allows us to identify what job roles may be offered as an alternative whilst our employee is recovering from injury.

We love the simplicity of Summit and the fact it is supported by evidence of the job dictionary and has photos and videos – often one picture says it all!  This program provides us with immediate information to make early return to work decisions.  We believe this program will reduce our claims costs and drive preventative change.

Boart Longyear

(International provider of drilling services, drilling equipment and performance tooling for mining and drilling companies)

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