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Working from Home – Workstation Set Up Modules  


Module 1: Musculoskeletal Disorders

Module 2: Workstation setup

Module 3: Stretching

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A short message from Russell (Pinnacle Physiotherapist) 


Taking care of your hard working hands … and forearms … and thumbs!

Our hands, wrists and elbows put in a full day’s work every time we settle into the keyboard. This video looks at ways that you can help protect the joints and soft tissues in these areas. There is also a simple strengthening exercise aimed at avoiding one of the most common chronic musculoskeletal disorders, Tennis Elbow.


In these challenging and uncertain times, it is easy to fall back on some tried and tested crutches to help get through. For a lot of us, this means food. This short video provides some simple advice to help avoid turning this health crisis into a waistline emergency!

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common and most debilitating musculoskeletal disorders. However recent research has led to a better understanding of the condition. This short video details what you can do to help prevent and manage this painful complaint.

Is your right neck/shoulder sore when using your mouse? Could your keyboard be the problem?

Are you finding it difficult to get your keyboard and mouse into the best possible position? Is your right neck and shoulder stiff, sore and achey? Maybe your keyboard is the culprit? This video looks at options around keyboard size and configuration that can help address these issues.

Is your upper back stiff and sore? Let’s get it moving!

The thoracic spine is often neglected when it comes to back care. However it’s stiff and rigid nature, combined with the difficulty in easily accessing the region, make it a prime candidate for developing aches and pains. Increased time sitting, especially hunched over laptops can also increase our risk of feeling stiff and sore in this area. This video runs through a variety of ways you can mobilise and stretch this hard to get to but very important part of your musculoskeletal system.

Looking after your Spine..the key to being comfortable

Tightness, stiffness and soreness can all develop from periods of prolonged sitting. This video details some efficient and effective things you can do to help maintain the health status of your lower back.

Sore and tight muscles? Get a foam roller on the job!

Foam rollers (and associated massage balls) have become increasingly popular with the general public as a means to self-massage and mobilise various sore and tight muscles. This video looks at what benefits can be gained from use of a foam roller, and how it can be applied to some of the more common trouble spots in the musculoskeletal system.

Here’s how to make sure your knees don’t suffer from being ‘cooped up’ inside all day

Our knee joints thrive on movement. Being kept bent at 90 degrees all day whilst sitting is a recipe for tightness, loss of conditioning and decreased knee stability. This video demonstrates effective strategies to ensure you can keep your knees in tip top condition during these challenging times.

Are you carrying the weight of the world right now? Lets give those hard working shoulders some ‘TLC’

The shoulder is the most flexible, and hence the most unstable of all of our joints. As such, effective muscle strength, endurance and co-ordination is vital to ensure this most dynamic of joints functions well. This video explores a variety of exercises aimed at both avoiding common shoulder complaints and addressing potential underlying strength issues.

6 ideas to keep in mind to help keep you active

Everyone is facing the challenge of maintaining both their physical and mental health during these uncertain times. There is a mountain of evidence to show that exercise contributes positively to both of these components. This video talks about some of the barriers around remaining physically healthy and how to smash through them!

And……. Relax…Progressive Muscle Relaxation can help!

In these uncertain times, who couldn’t do with feeling a little less anxious and a bit more relaxed? Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a simple to learn technique aimed at reducing overall muscular tension, stress and discomfort. In turn it may also assist with fatigue and improve sleep quality. This video slowly runs you through a basic PMR routine which you can try and then modify as necessary to meet your particular requirements.

Why looking after your cardio vascular fitness will look after you!

The health and integrity of our heart and circulatory system by far is the most important component of fitness. Working from home, along with restrictions on gyms and exercise groups, may mean that you may be neglecting this aspect of your overall health. This short educational video discusses some of the multitude of benefits cardiovascular fitness brings, along with some simple suggestions to help maintain and improve this area of your wellbeing.

Sleep…. natures wonder drug. How to make the most of 1/3 of your life

The anxiety and uncertainty we are all experiencing right now can negatively impact one of the most important aspects of our health…sleep. This educational video looks at how your body reacts to decreased sleep duration and quality. It also provides a series of tips and ideas that you can use to assist in enhancing your nightly sleep experience.

Keeping your peepers on the job while working from home

With working at home the new normal, we are all spending increased periods of time looking at screens. This has the potential to negatively impact on our eyes. This video provides education, tips and strategies to ensure these dynamic and vital structures can best manage the increased demands placed on them in the home office environment.

Sitting is the new smoking? Lets fix that!

The home office environment is very different to what most of us are used to. The lack of structure, reduced commuting and the absence of co-worker interaction can lead to us spending more and more time in periods of uninterrupted sitting. This educational video looks at the potential negative health effects of prolonged sitting, along with some simple proactive strategies you can implement to help reduce your risk.

Improve your focus, stress and anxiety levels – lets try (box) breathing    

With all the uncertainty and unease around at the moment, we can all be forgiven for being a little anxious, lacking in focus and stressed. This video looks at a short and simple technique involving focussing and regulating one breathing. Box Breathing can be used anywhere to assist in relieving anxiety as well as improving focus.

Upper extremity

With people working more and more from home, their shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands may experiencing more stress and strain. This video looks at how ensuring your keyboard and mouse are optimally positioned, along with the addition of some convenient stretches, can help ensure you avoid any unnecessary discomfort.


This video discusses how the postures you may be assuming when working at home can lead to the development of a variety of symptoms. It also explains and demonstrates simple but highly effective stretches that can assist you to manage and prevent aches and pain that may originate from the neck and upper back regions.

The Legal Services Commission of SA thanks you for your cooperation, understanding and flexibility during this challenging time. 

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