Online Manual Handling Training

A resource to support and enhance existing face to face manual handling training programs.

Increase worker safety awareness

Manual handling training doesn’t start with technique, it starts with awareness and decision making.

Change attitudes and behaviours

Teach your workforce about how injuries occur, and what they can do to prevent them.

Provide instant access to any worker, anywhere, any time

Provide a solid online training foundation to support other targeted face to face injury prevention programs.

Manual handling injuries account for one third of all work related injuries.

On average, one injury at work can cost your business $4,400 (ABS, 2013).

Manual handling training is an important component of any risk management framework.

Our Online Manual Handling Training Package

5 modules, each up to 10 minutes in duration (including a quiz).

We are also able to develop tasks specifc modules to align with your manual tasks.



Module 1: Legislation

This module provides an overview of the Work Health and Safety Legislation in South Australia. It covers information about key elements of the Work, Health & Safety Regulations and the Hazardous Manual Tasks Code of Practice. It includes the PCBU’s and the worker’s Duty of Care, the risk management process and following site policies and procedures.

Module 2: Risk Management

This module provides an overview of the risk management process as it applies to manual tasks. It covers legislative requirements for risk management in the workplace as it relates to manual tasks, the 4 step approach to risk management and the hierarchy of risk control.

Module 3: Stretches

This module provides guidance on how to reduce the risk of injury by performing stretches and exercises throughout the day. Stretches for the neck, shoulders, forearms and hands, legs and lower back are covered, with guidance on general stretching rules, how long to hold the stretch and how frequently to perform them.

Module 4: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)

This module covers information on how musculoskeletal injuries can affect us at work and at home. It includes what musculoskeletal injuries are, focusing on cumulative injuries, how they occur covering microtrauma and creep, how your age can influence your risk and what strategies you can put in place to reduce your risk of injury.

Module 5: Manual Task Technique

This module covers the key elements of optimal technique which should be used when performing any tasks, including 3 key manual handling principles and 5 key manual handling postures. The techniques covered use the guiding principles of neutral spines, keeping the load close and moving your feet while performing manual tasks. This content will help provide a foundation with which practical, face to face training programs can build upon.

Task Specific Modules

These task specific modules traditionally include body parts at risk of injury, risk management considerations, optimal technique, stretches and other self-management strategies in order to reduce the likelihood of musculoskeletal symptoms.


Train every employee in the fundamentals of manual handling injury prevention.

Provide subsequent, condensed, practical face to face programs which target ‘high risk’ work tasks.

Improve training efficiencies, worker engagement and injury prevention behaviours.

Easy Access

Access training modules via our SUMMIT online portal. Or alternatively upload the training modules onto your own system.

Enhance Inductions

Ensure every new employee is trained in Manual Handling Injury Prevention Principles by integrating the Online Training Modules with your Induction program.

Enhance Training Programs

Save money on training workers in the fundamentals. Re-direct your training budget towards face to face training for high risk tasks and other interactive initiatives (i.e. stretching/strengthening programs)

WHS Compliance

Ensure your organisation’s Work Health & Safety manual handling training requirements are fulfilled.
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At Pinnacle Workplace Consultants, we also provide practical and interactive face to face office ergonomics and manual handling training programs which can further build on concepts learnt in the online training program. We’ll adapt our sessions to suit your needs, from covering commonly used tools and equipment to vehicle seating adjustment. Just let us know what your needs are and we’ll do the rest.
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