Onsite Physiotherapy

Laying the foundations for success


A holistic approach

Running a successful onsite Physiotherapy service is not just about putting an experienced Physiotherapist on the premises. 

To achieve success many elements are required, which include: 

  1. A clear program framework which is understood and supported by all stakeholders
  2. Support for the program at all levels of management 
  3. Clarity surrounding roles and responsibilities  
  4. Management of potential barriers to employee participation 
  5. Effective and open communication channels 

This video, with comments from Tom Slowinski (Senior Consultant Physiotherapist and Ergonomist at Pinnacle Workplace Consultants) summarises why ‘laying the foundations’ for success is really important.


Worker engagement and trust is critical

For workers to engage in the program, there needs to be the following:


An understanding of how the program will operate

When will the Physiotherapist be attending? Will it be confidential? How do I make a booking? What if my soreness is not work related?


Clear support from management

Managers should preferably understand how the program will also help them, as this will help with buy in.

Willingness of employees to participate

Employees should not perceive possible negative impacts from participating. They need to feel comfortable to get involved.

Ability for workers to physically participate

Supportive management who are able to ‘free’ the employee from their work for 30-60 minutes in order to attend an appointment.

Developing a Program Framework and Resources

To ‘lay the foundations’ for a successful program, preliminary work is required to develop a program framework and accompanying resources which can be rolled out at the start of any new onsite Physiotherapy program. Materials needed include the following (Please also refer to the video for further details). 

Onsite Physiotherapy Guidance Document

A reference document which outlines how the onsite Physiotherapy program will operate, a checklist for organisations as to what will be required, along with the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders.  

Awareness campaign posters

Poster templates can be developed for use at the commencement of the program. Additional templates can also be prepared for use throughout the program as a way of providing feedback to the workforce, and promoting continued participation in the program. 

Online 'Information' Modules

Short, informative online video modules which are developed specifically for employees to provide a comprehensive understanding of the program, how it will operate, and how it can help them. A corresponding module will also be developed for Managers, in order to ensure ‘buy in’ from this stakeholder group which often holds ‘the key’ to employee participation. 

Awareness campaign email templates

It is often the little things that make the difference. There can be substantial payoffs by providing a client with a pre-made email template which can help spread consistent messages about the onsite Physiotherapy program within the organisation. Reducing the workload at the client end leads to greater engagement, and more chance that the right information will get to the intended audience. 

At Pinnacle, we've been providing long standing, successful onsite Physiotherapy programs for many years

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more about our services and philosophies.

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