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Online Working from Home Support Resources
Help workers optimally adjust their home workstation, ensure their comfort and support their health and well-being.
Our working from home resource options

Option 1: Working from Home Ergonomic Training Modules

3 modules, each no more than 11 minutes in duration. Includes: 

  • Education surrounding the risk factors for injury/discomfort when working at a computer 
  • Strategies workers can use to minimise risk of injury/discomfort 
  • A clear step by step process for how to set up a home workstation
  • Advice about taking rest breaks, and guidance on stretches that workers can integrate into their workday 
  • A downloadable PDF workstation set up checklist, that can be filled out electronically, and emailed to the worker’s manager

Please note that the videos below are short excerpts taken from each of the 3 modules.


Module 1: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) when working at home on your computer

This module covers information about MSDs relevant to working from home, along with strategies you can use to reduce your risk of injury. It includes the common areas of your body which can become injured, why back pain is so prevalent, spinal anatomy, how injuries can ‘creep’ up on us and ways that you can be proactive to reduce your risk of injury.

Module 2: Working from Home – Workstation Setup

This module takes a closer look at the guidelines you should use to set up your workstation in order to minimise your risk of injury. It includes how to set up your chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, document position and telephone, as well as covering some tips on changing your posture and performing stretches throughout the day.

Module 3: Stretches

This module provides guidance on how to reduce the risk of injury by performing stretches and exercises throughout the day. Stretches for the neck, shoulders, forearms and hands, legs and lower back are covered, with guidance on general stretching rules, how long to hold the stretch and how frequently to perform them.

Working from Home

Workstation Self-Assessment Checklist:   

Workers download our survey (from our online page), complete it and email it to a key contact person within your organisation.

Further support required?

If further support is required, Pinnacle are able to assist and resolve your problem. We are using online options such as video conferencing software to keep us connected with our clients and address their challenges.


Option 2: Receive a weekly video* from an experienced Physiotherapist 

Help staff deal with specific challenges that may arise when working at home. Includes:

  • Detailed discussion surrounding the strategies staff can use when dealing with discomfort in specific regions of the body
  • Answers to the questions that relate to working from home (e.g. what stretches should I do? how often should I take a rest break? What do I do if I don’t have an adjustable chair?)
  • A new video is added each week and gradually a library of relevant videos (accessible online at any time) will be built
  • Staff can request topics to be covered by the Physiotherapist in future videos
  • *20 videos are provided in total and are made available over a 12 month period 

Please note that the videos below are 2 of the 20 videos that your staff will receive from Russell. 


A short message from Russell (Pinnacle Physiotherapist) 


Shoulders, elbows and wrists are all working hard at home. Here’s how to show them you care  

With people working more and more from home, their shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands may experiencing more stress and strain. This video looks at how ensuring your keyboard and mouse are optimally positioned, along with the addition of some convenient stretches, can help ensure you avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

Improve your focus, stress and anxiety levels – lets try (box) breathing   

With all the uncertainty and unease around at the moment, we can all be forgiven for being a little anxious, lacking in focus and stressed. This video looks at a short and simple technique involving focussing and regulating one breathing. Box Breathing can be used anywhere to assist in relieving anxiety as well as improving focus.

Video messages on a wide range of topics including workstation ergonomics, health and wellbeing and managing pain/discomfort. 

Option 3: Combined package + added services at no cost! 

Combine the content from Options 1 and 2, plus receive the following at no extra cost: 

  • 1 x FREE 30 minute workstation telehealth consultations to help your workers stay comfortable when working from home
  • 1 x FREE 60 minute Physiotherapy telehealth consultation to help any employee who may be experiencing discomfort/pain when working from home 


Pricing and Payments

Costs for 12 months access (excl. GST)

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Number of employees Working from Home Modules Weekly ‘Physio Video’  Combined package (including ‘extras’)
1-10 $199 $898 $1,097
11-25 $449 $1,198 $1,647
26-50 $699 $1,598 $2,297
51-100 $999 $1,998 $2,997
101-199 $1,499 $2,998 $4,497
200-299 $1,799 $3,598 $5,397
301-499 $1,999 $3,898 $5,897
500-749 $2,499 $3,998 $6,497
750-1000 $2,999 $4,498 $7,497
1001+ On enquiry On enquiry On enquiry




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