Staff working from home?
Online Working from Home Ergonomic Training
Help workers optimally adjust their home workstation, ensure their comfort and save yourself time.
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Around the world, COVID-19 is leading many staff to work from home.

Many workplaces here in Australia are already gearing up their staff for the likely event that workers are required to work from home for an extended period of time.

As part of this process, workplaces are ensuring staff undertake the relevant training and set up their home environment to optimise their workstation ergonomics.

We at Pinnacle, are helping them along the way.

Working from Home Ergonomic Training Package

3 modules, each up to 10 minutes in duration.

Please note that the videos below are short excerpts taken from each of the 3 modules.


Module 1: Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) when working at home on your computer

This module covers information about MSDs relevant to working from home, along with strategies you can use to reduce your risk of injury. It includes the common areas of your body which can become injured, why back pain is so prevalent, spinal anatomy, how injuries can ‘creep’ up on us and ways that you can be proactive to reduce your risk of injury.

Module 2: Working from Home – Workstation Setup

This module takes a closer look at the guidelines you should use to set up your workstation in order to minimise your risk of injury. It includes how to set up your chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, document position and telephone, as well as covering some tips on changing your posture and performing stretches throughout the day.

Module 3: Stretches

This module provides guidance on how to reduce the risk of injury by performing stretches and exercises throughout the day. Stretches for the neck, shoulders, forearms and hands, legs and lower back are covered, with guidance on general stretching rules, how long to hold the stretch and how frequently to perform them.

Working from Home

Workstation Self-Assessment Checklist:   

Workers download our survey (from our online page), complete it and email it to a key contact person within your organisation.

Further support required?

If further support is required, Pinnacle are able to assist and resolve your problem. We are using online options such as video conferencing software to keep us connected with our clients and address their challenges.


Pricing and Payments
Costs (excl. GST)
Number of employees 6 months access 
1-10 $199
11-25 $449
26-50 $699
51-100 $999
101-199 $1,499
200-299 $1,799
300+ On enquiry  



How to arrange payment and gain access within 24 hours


1. Fill out the ‘contact us to purchase’ field (at bottom of page)

2. We’ll send you an invoice with login details within 24 hours

3. Then you are good to go!


Easy Access

Access training modules via our SUMMIT online portal (password will be provided to you after purchase). 

WHS Compliance

Ensure your organisation’s Work Health & Safety ‘Working from Home’ ergonomic training requirements are fulfilled.

Ability to expand your online training resources

If you require further training resources or additional support, we have many different options to suit your needs. 

Take the next step: Provide staff with expert 1 on 1 ergonomic advice

Our Ergonomists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists have years of experience and no matter the problem, are well equipped to provide the most practical and cost effective solution available.  
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No matter whether you are a small business or large corporate, we can help you integrate an Online Working from Home Ergonomic Training Program into your business.

Simply leave us your contact details with a brief message, or contact us on  (08) 8271 6544.

Thank you for your interest and support.


We can help you via our online services

At Pinnacle Workplace Consultants, we also provide online training modules for Manual Handling Training and can develop tailored training modules for your organisation. In dealing with COVID-19 we are also evolving our services to offer ‘telehealth style’ Physiotherapy, Ergonomics, and Occupational Therapy  consultancy services, which can provide value and assistance to any worker with an injury or ergonomic related issue within the workplace. 
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